We Work Hard & Aim to Please

Hello, Thank you Amber McGill. You sold my daughter's home in a month's time. Wow, I was so impressed. You always returned my calls and were accessible when we needed you. We had very good communication between us. You listened to what we wanted and the price range that we wanted to sell our home, even though she prepared a thorough market analysis most realtors became frustrated by the lack of comps in the area. I interviewed six agents and knew right away, I wanted to use Amber McGill, of Keller Williams Realty. I will, indeed, refer you to my other daughter, who lives on the west side she's wanting to sell her home sometime next yearG
Sophia Southern
I wouldn't want to change one thing in her businesss! Amber always kept in touch with us at all times. She did a great job! We just made it, being in the military, we had to move out of our hotel by a certain number of days. We closed in 3 weeks last October. Hurray, hurray!
Nehemiah and Jennifer Curry
I needed to sell my home, it was on the market a while and wondered if it would ever sell. She was unrelenting even when interest was low she continued to market and to have open houses. She didn't just try to make the sale, you represented us and our interest all the way. We are very grateful to you.
Ronald and Miriam Borrego
We worked together on a project of utmost importance find a home to purchase and keeping it for several years. Amber did find us a wonderful home. We kept in constant contact with each other which was very important to me. She paid attention to what we wanted as far as what conveyed, regarding any concessions and how to make an offer. Amber listened to our needs she helped us with financing and showed us a ton of homes. I wouldn't change anything in her business, great work!
Robert C. Trejo

I asked a question to my client, Gabriela Sanchez: "If you were in charge of my business, what's one

thing you would change? Nothing, she is very professional, friendly and helpful. She helped my family

get our first home! And she made the process as easy as possible! Thank you for your help, Amber


Gabriela Sanchez
Amber McGill has sold a few homes for us. She always delivered what she promised. She was accessible at all times. As an investor, she did listen to the pricing that I wanted regarding the sale of our investment properties. I can recommend her to anyone who wants a great real estate agent. She followed up on phone calls, information, financing and how to negotiate an offer when we received one.
Michael Sung
We purchased a home a few months ago, this is our first home, and we are enjoying it! We purchased a HUD home that seemed like it took a while to close. What I would change is the long process of paperwork so closing would be sooner and that way the clients would be living in their new home sooner. Amber McGill listened to what we wanted and explained all the process to becoming a home owner. I would absolutely feel comfortable introducing her to the people I care about who could use her help.
Ivan J. Mendez and Brenda Mendez
You were always available to assist us-you explained every step well and when you weren't sure, you made it a point to seek out the answer. All in all, you made it important to establish a relationship with us. You weren't only "our agent", but you became our friend. What I would change in your business, it's a very easy question to respond to- we'd do or change nothing. KW is a wonderful agency to work with. Anyone affiliated with them is truly lucky to have these professionals by their side. It's important to let people know how hard you have worked for us. Thank you!
Lisa Estrada and Ernie Batson
We were completely satisfied when we found our home. She listened to what we wanted. There isn't anything I would change about her business, I was completely satisfied. Amber handled all the issues of obtaining a new home, regarding the contract and also the financing. She did a great job!
Roy and Crystal Dillard
Amber McGill was very helpful in listing my house, even though I was moving out of town, and/or also out of state, she helped with handling everything about my house, as far as having it cleaned, having the roof redone, and also as far as selling my home. She did a good job!
Frances J. Bunn
Amber McGill did a good job of keeping us informed, and following through. There is nothing I would change she did a good job at all times. She not only sold our home, but we bought a new home through her and it all turned out excellent, thanks to Amber! She worked hard for us.
Krystal and Victor Mijares